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With cable television being on its way to the fringes of video experiences, the spotlight shifts to IPTV. Haven’t you swapped those wires for wireless streaming yet? As an IPTV service provider, Shop TV SAT can help you make a switch. Once there, you’ll get immersive video content in abundance.

No more cables and limited channel lists. As you set up IPTV on whatever device you’re using and connect it to our server, you can watch thousands of live broadcasts or request content on demand. You name it – Shop TV SAT delivers it to your video player in a nanosecond.

Shop IPTV packages that tickle your watching habits

Whether you’re an action movie geek or want 24/7 access to live TV shows, our Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate IPTV packages have got you covered. We’ve stuffed 90,000 channels and 22,000 VOD movies into them to keep you busy for thousands of hours of high-quality content. When you get an IPTV subscription, your TV set is being transformed into a vast library of:

  • news channels
  • sports channels
  • popular movies
  • TV shows
  • enjoyable channels for kids
  • and more

When choosing a subscription, think of Shop TV SAT as an IPTV service shop and our packages as products on the shelves. Look at their expiration dates (subscription periods) and what ingredients they blend (channels, shows, VOD, etc.). If it looks like what you want to consume on your TV or any other device, hurry up to set it up.

You can also try our trial package before you buy an IPTV subscription for 1-12 months. The 24-hour trial plan is free and provides you with a glimpse into the channels you can choose from, movies, and video quality. It’s compatible with DuplexPlay and gives you a better understanding of how our servers operate.

Crisp video at its best

Don’t let cables cast a haze over video quality. Our high-performance servers are our pride and joy as an IPTV supplier. They enable us to broadcast content at HD, FHD, and 4K while ensuring a fast response time to shake off freezes as long as your Internet connection is stable.

If you’re often on the go, you can access any channel or VOD content on your smartphone or tablet with IPTV. Video quality remains at its highest, regardless of the screen size. And no long buffering times are to be put up with when zapping channels.

Video content in your language

Shop TV SAT is global, and so are our IPTV plans. Once you activate your one, you’ll get channels and movies in your language. They’ll cover your local shows and events so that you can enjoy the most-watched content in your country.

Another way to use our cheap IPTV packages is to set one up in a foreign language. That’s how you can learn while watching your favorite TV series, movies, and other content.

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offer Three in one

  • [IPTV] + [IBO PLAYER] + [Backup]
  • It works on all devices


  • Gift Code Duplex Play
  • Activation IBO Player
1 - Interactive TV Support: You won't find this feature in the shower because IPTV includes standard live TV, High Definition TV (HDTV), interactive games and super fast internet browsing speeds.
2 - Time change: if there is a program you like to watch and it arrives at your working time, don't worry, with IPTV, you can automatically schedule it to store programs for later viewing
3 - Personalization: To support IPTV for the end-to-end system, you can add your personal character to your TV, so that you can decide what you are going to watch and when you can watch
4 - Low bandwidth requirements: Some people may wonder about this, because it's true: a service provider can broadcast channels to users who only request that channel, which means a lot of bandwidth savings busy.
5 - Accessible on multiple devices: Yes, you are not limited to a TV, but you can enjoy IPTV services through a computer or mobile device.

Advantages of using IPTV system

IPTV has multiple advantages, the most important of which are: TIPTOP
Low cost: Using an IP network in TVs and computers without the need for a satellite signal distribution system (antenna) inside different buildings and universities will reduce the costs involved.
Security: the IPTV system prevents access to streaming content; And it is thanks to its adoption of the firewall program.
Choose what you want to watch: Users can watch the latest news and events, as well as watch their favorite channels, anywhere.

Important note
We do not send the link for this guy Thanks
Please send the information of (Duplexplay ID: Device + ID: key)
We only accept the following programs
(Duplexplay - Smart IPTV - Set IPTV - Net IPTV -Flix IPTV- Smart STB - And all MAG IPTV forms)
Why choose SHOP TV SAT?
Very good quality.
Guaranteed after-sales service.
Affordable price range and for all slices.
Availability of a wide choice of programs, from the oldest to the most recent
Available on the different devices (receiver, TV box, etc.)
and compatible with all screens (Smart TV, Tablet, Smartphones, etc.)
The activation of the duplex IPTV application is free.
We take care of the comfort of the customer, his satisfaction is our priority.
Get a free 24-hour trial now.
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Compatible with smart TVs *****


Also available on your computer




Available on several Android receivers and boxes

Lightning Speed

When it comes to lightning speed, Tvsat 4k IPTV uses the best SSD Balance, so that you will have the best buffer-free experience. Tvsat 4k IPTV also provides you with one of the most stable and fastest IPTV links. Try it and the difference will be felt.

Fast IPTV Setup

Tvsat 4k IPTV offer you the fastest IPTV setup installation, support, and commissioning that you have never tried before, and in all devices, from Smart TV, Android, IOS, to Kodi, Mag, Enigma 2, and more...

Office Management

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the.

More than 22000 VOD

Who among us has never dreamed of a server that offers him more than 22K VOD? The answer is that we all did. Tvsat 4k IPTV made this dream come true. It offers you more than 22K VOD, So, now it's time to live your dream, what are you waiting for?

HD Streams

A lot of people have been always struggling and still, to find real and authentic HD pictures. Tvsat 4k IPTV offers a high quality 1080p and 60 FPs Streams with real HD pictures. Yes, real ones. With the most attractive plans that start from weekend to 12 months subscriptions.


Our customer service reply to your questions within a few minutes and sometimes within a few seconds. In brief, It's available 24/7/365 just to make your experience with our IPTV service amazing and unforgettable.

Get Channels From All The Countries Around The World!

With only one IPTV subscription plan, you will have the chance to watch channels from all over the world.,

Middle East and North Africa

Syria Lebanon Iraq Jordan Egypt Saudi Arabia Kuwait Yemen Oman Bahrain Qatar United Arab Emirates Tunisia Algeria Morocco Sudan Libya.


Albania Belarus Belgium Denmark Estonia France Germany Italy Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom.

Africa and Latin America

Belize El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela.

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