VIP FOREVER Funcam 1 Month

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  • Return Policy: Please fill in all personal information correctly Ensure that the product is ordered correctly Any mistake in ordering the product, we are not responsible for it We are not responsible for any malfunction or stoppage of one of the servers from the source! Thank you for your understanding.

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Forever VIP PACKAGE 1 month

Forever VIP subscription for the purple package Bein on Nilesat Forever VIP PACKAGE, There is no guarantee, you can work for a week or a day and stop for everyone, we are not responsible.

🔴 forever or funcam that your device supports a server.
🔴 To get the feature, do the latest update issued for your device with factory settings before and after the update.
🔴 The code is valid for a special month for the World Cup. It is not guaranteed. The seller is not responsible for stopping it.
🔴 Tune your device to the violet frequencies on the Nilesat satellite.
🔴 When the seller tells you that the operation was completed successfully, you have the channels colored and working. Check your device by unplugging it and restarting it. And connect it to the female.
🔴 Do a random search for the Nilesat satellite with network activation to get all the new frequencies.