1 - Interactive TV Support: You won't find this feature in the shower because IPTV includes standard live TV, High Definition TV (HDTV), interactive games and super fast internet browsing speeds.
2 - Time change: if there is a program you like to watch and it arrives at your working time, don't worry, with IPTV, you can automatically schedule it to store programs for later viewing
3 - Personalization: To support IPTV for the end-to-end system, you can add your personal character to your TV, so that you can decide what you are going to watch and when you can watch
4 - Low bandwidth requirements: Some people may wonder about this, because it's true: a service provider can broadcast channels to users who only request that channel, which means a lot of bandwidth savings busy.
5 - Accessible on multiple devices: Yes, you are not limited to a TV, but you can enjoy IPTV services through a computer or mobile device.

Advantages of using IPTV system

IPTV has multiple advantages, the most important of which are: TIPTOP
Low cost: Using an IP network in TVs and computers without the need for a satellite signal distribution system (antenna) inside different buildings and universities will reduce the costs involved.
Security: the IPTV system prevents access to streaming content; And it is thanks to its adoption of the firewall program.
Choose what you want to watch: Users can watch the latest news and events, as well as watch their favorite channels, anywhere.

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