Watch whatever your heart desires with the #1 IPTV provider

With cable television being on its way to the fringes of video experiences, the spotlight shifts to IPTV. Haven’t you swapped those wires for wireless streaming yet? As an IPTV service provider, Shop TV SAT can help you make a switch. Once there, you’ll get immersive video content in abundance.

No more cables and limited channel lists. As you set up IPTV on whatever device you’re using and connect it to our server, you can watch thousands of live broadcasts or request content on demand. You name it – Shop TV SAT delivers it to your video player in a nanosecond.

Shop IPTV packages that tickle your watching habits

Whether you’re an action movie geek or want 24/7 access to live TV shows, our Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate IPTV packages have got you covered. We’ve stuffed 90,000 channels and 22,000 VOD movies into them to keep you busy for thousands of hours of high-quality content. When you get an IPTV subscription, your TV set is being transformed into a vast library of:

  • news channels
  • sports channels
  • popular movies
  • TV shows
  • enjoyable channels for kids
  • and more

When choosing a subscription, think of Shop TV SAT as an IPTV service shop and our packages as products on the shelves. Look at their expiration dates (subscription periods) and what ingredients they blend (channels, shows, VOD, etc.). If it looks like what you want to consume on your TV or any other device, hurry up to set it up.

You can also try our trial package before you buy an IPTV subscription for 1-12 months. The 24-hour trial plan is free and provides you with a glimpse into the channels you can choose from, movies, and video quality. It’s compatible with DuplexPlay and gives you a better understanding of how our servers operate.

Crisp video at its best

Don’t let cables cast a haze over video quality. Our high-performance servers are our pride and joy as an IPTV supplier. They enable us to broadcast content at HD, FHD, and 4K while ensuring a fast response time to shake off freezes as long as your Internet connection is stable.

If you’re often on the go, you can access any channel or VOD content on your smartphone or tablet with IPTV. Video quality remains at its highest, regardless of the screen size. And no long buffering times are to be put up with when zapping channels.

Video content in your language

Shop TV SAT is global, and so are our IPTV plans. Once you activate your one, you’ll get channels and movies in your language. They’ll cover your local shows and events so that you can enjoy the most-watched content in your country.

Another way to use our cheap IPTV packages is to set one up in a foreign language. That’s how you can learn while watching your favorite TV series, movies, and other content.

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